State of Origin 2017: Live Stream, Date, Start Time & Watch Game 1

The State of Origin 2017’s first game will be played at Brisbane’s Suncorp Stadium on May 31, 2017, and the second will be played on June 21, 2017 at Sydney’s ANZ Stadium before returning to Brisbane for the third match on July 12, 2017.

State of Origin

State Of Origin 2017: Free to Air / Subscription TV Options

As it has for years, Channel 9 has the rights to broadcast the State of Origin on open TV. The kickoff for scheduled games around 8:15 pm every night of a game.

Channel 9 broadcasts most of its live programming online through 9Now, but Source is one of those exceptions where you do not have the broadcast rights over the Internet, so you will not be able to see it that way.

Fox Sports will show the home state, but it does not have live rights, which means that it can only broadcast the game after it has ended. That may be convenient for you if you are a shift worker with a Foxtel subscription, but only if you can stay away from most forms of social media and broadcast in the meantime, as the results of the game are so broad and loud Soon as the final mermaid blows.
State Of Origin 2016: Live stream

If you want to transmit the home state live on the Internet, you have to deal with the owner of the Online Source rights, and indeed all the NRL games, and that is Telstra. Telstra has invested significantly in online sports rights in Australia, and offers all NRL content through its NRL Live Pass service.
State of origin 2017: How much will NRL Live Pass cost me?

If you only wanted a single week of NRL Live Pass, it would cost you $ 3.99 per week, or $ 99.99 for a full year. Telstra offers a one-week trial of service for new customers, so there is potential to capture just one of the original source games for absolutely nothing. Seeing the whole series would only cost you $ 7.98 for the two weeks you could not get for free.
If you are looking to stream on a mobile or tablet, you can purchase the NRL Live Pass directly through the official iOS NRL application or the official iOS Android application. Keep in mind that using the mobile application on mobile networks will mean data charges in most cases for the content you are viewing if you are away from home.

Telstra’s rights are explicitly for the Australian market only, so if you’re abroad you’re going to have to find a local broadcaster with the rights, a sports bar showing the game or using a VPN to fly effectively to Australia, At least virtually.

However, if you are a Telstra mobile customer, you do not have to pay either the access to the NRL Live Pass or the data used to view State Of Origin 2017 on the move.
Home State 2017: NRL Live Pass for Telstra Customers

Telstra uses its NRL rights as a significant hook to attract fans.

This is because if you are a Telstra Mobile customer in any contract plan or any prepaid plan with a recharge of at least $ 30, you qualify for a free Pass NRL Live Pass when using your Telstra mobile service. Registration is done through the application and must be done from your Telstra mobile device, but once the obstacle has been overcome, you can see as much NRL as you want without incurring subscription or data usage charges.

The only caveat is that, just like channel 9 does not have small screen online rights, Telstra does not have the rights to stream its content to larger screens. This means that match broadcasts are limited to a screen size of no more than 7 inches diagonally and services such as Apple’s AirPlay or Google’s Chromecast stream are explicitly blocked.

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